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Kat & Ana, double trouble!



Why I think they would be a good character in Brawl: I don’t have a reason for this. Really, I don’t. I’m only making this because I thought of an interesting gimmick that these two can have that can’t be shared with other tag team characters. But you could argue that they were important enough to have been in Brawl as an Assist Trophy. Like Mona, Kat and Ana were in the first WarioWare game, so both of their chances are relatively equal.

For this post, you might confuse the two when they’re referenced. To help with that, remember that Kat has as many pigtails as she has A’s in her name, same with Ana.


And no, they won’t fight at all like Ice Climbers. Wanna know how? Just hit the Read More and see for yourself.

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