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Marius as a Ghostbuster. :3

Aluma as Adeleine. 

Oceana as Wii-Fit Trainer. >w<

Hiri as Rockman/Mega Man. ^w^

Mizuki as Chichi. -//w//-

Minnie as Mr. Stay Puft. :D

Jazmine as Mii Gunner. :3

Tina as A Super Plumber. with mustache. XD

Zack as Little Mac. :D

Micheal as Knuckles. >w>

Aysha as Whitney. (Pokemon) ^3^

Jazzy as Iris. ^//^

Sierra as Rouge. l3

Robin as Fairy Tale Girl. (Pokemon) >w< 

Angel as Furisode Girl. (Pokemon) l3

Sora as Idol Girl. (Pokemon) .w.

Maggie as Rosalina. ^w^ (with a Luma Plushie.)

Zoey as Shermie. -w-

Melia as Goemon. :3

Kayako as Roll (Rockman 8). >//w//<

Annaliese as Spider-Girl. (Her New custom made costume. :3) What do you think? >w>

Karin as Honey. (Space Dandy.) >//w//< BOOBIES!

Saturn as A Detective. B)

Sakura as Cutie Honey. >//w//<

Evellia as Tetra. ^w^

Dr. Pine as Freddy Krueger. >l3

Trey as Jason Voorhees. >:3

Alissa as Elec Man. ^w^

Akane as Lydia. >w<

Elska as Cammy. 

Alexa as Felicia.  O//_//O …..sweet mama.

Nymph as Amy Rose. ^//^

Jaabili as Black Widow. l3

Oh Hey, Its BOO-Chan and Gambit. o3o

Keiko don’t like Marius wearing a Ghostbusters Outfit. XD

and Gambit, making Faces. XD

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